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      Ashleigh Farley Owner

      Visions of Amahle was founded in 2019 by Ashleigh Griffin-Farley. Obsessed with African Culture, Ashleigh was drawn into the idea of wearing bold colored head wraps that expressed her creativity and uniqueness. After learning how to adorn her locs with various head wrap styles and colors, Ashleigh had a vision of all people being able to have a product in which they could show their personality and style. She wanted people to know that you just didn't have to "Rep the Culture" only in February, but that everyday should be a day that you embrace who you are and where you came from. This was how Visions of Amahle was born.

       Amahle (pronounced Ah-mah-she) is Zulu for "The Beautiful Ones". As beings wonderfully and beautifully created in the eyes of God, Ashleigh felt a connection to this word and wishes to let anyone she comes in contact with know that they are {Beautiful}, that they are {Chosen}, that they are {Royalty}, that they are {Somebody}. Her goal is to design African inspired head wraps, clothing, and accessories that will not only empower women, but men and children as well. We all have a place, a purpose, and a vision of who we see ourselves as. Visions of Amahle wants to give you the look you desire that will make you feel bold, empowered, and BEAUTIFUL. Because that is what you are!